The Health Optimization and Longevity Community
The Health Optimization and Longevity Community

The Health Optimization and Longevity Community

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Welcome to the Health Optimization and Longevity Community — a community of people committed to reaching better health, at scale.

📊 We are driven by the goal of optimizing our health, wellbeing, and longevity through a preventive approach.

We believe that we've just entered a new era of possibility regarding what's possible in the realm of health and that with the right people, we can make it happen faster.

The objective of this community is to share knowledge, experiences, content, as well as learning together with the intervention of experts in different fields.

We want to keep the community high-quality, and the members engaged, and we're slowly adding members to our private Slack channel.

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📡 Who Is Behind the Community?

We are a group of three friends living in Europe, and we're passionate about health optimization, human performance, and the preventive approach to health.

After battling with bad nutrition advice, we've created Lifetizr — a product to help everyone optimize their blood glucose levels, for better health, energy levels, sleep, and longevity!

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